Soundz Good Custom can add bluetooth to any car. Nothing to plug in, nothing to connect when you get in the car. The phone rings your the callers name and number comes up on the screen with large buttons to answer or not. You entire phone calling list is displayed on the screen. No more missed calls digging for your phone in a pocket under the seatbelt or getting tickets for holding a phone in your hand (holding a cell phone while driving is illegal in California). Stream your music wireless to your radio. There are numerous ways we can accomplish this:

Integrated Bluetooth Kits

We carry the complete line of add-on bluetooth kits from Parrot. Add bluetooth hands-free calling to any factory radio. When the phone rings your stereo is muted, the display shows who is calling, you answer at the touch of an ergonomically placed button and your talking hands free through an installed microphone and hearing through your existing stereo speakers.

Replacing Your Factory Radio

Soundz Good Custom can install a new head unit in any car. When we refer to the head unit, we're referring to the stereo in your dash. Replacing the head unit is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or portable player, but it is often also the most affordable as well. Getting a head unit that easily integrates your devices is an easy first step to getting the latest in new car infotainment without having to buy a new car. There are a wide range of models, we have more than forty units on working displays in both stores, the largest selection on display in the area. We stock hundreds of vehicle specific mounting kits and interfaces options, vehicle-specific all at a broad range of price points to fit any budget or vehicle. Check out our gallery of head unit installations.